Saturday, 26 June 2021

Ringed Plover

 Ringed Plover with three chicks down at Grutness, they are so well camouflaged. Look in the middle of the photo 

A close up from the one above
It was interesting to see the parents fly onto the road and use the broken wing technique to lure me away
Often the young ones would stand very still and then ran at speed to the other side of the pool

                                  Lots of Skylark singing which is always a pleasure to listen to

Lots of Common Gull round the pool as well as terns, Lapwing, Oystercatcher and Dunlin

Its plain to see, no entry between May- July to protect nesting terns

This group stayed at least one hour, getting close to the terns and putting them off the nest which could have allowed predators to get in.

They were approached and said they had seen the signs but ignored them. This was a group up from England and should have know better. The terns need every chance to have a successful breeding year. Eventually the group came back to the car park area where it was safe to photograph the birds round the pool

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