Saturday 28 October 2023

Shetland local Otter

Always good to see our local Otters, this one seems to have been in a fight

It didn't stop the Otters catching two crabs and then bring them ashore to finish them off

Shetland has the highest density of Otters in Europe and they are active both day and night

Best to see 2 hours either side of high tide


Saturday 21 October 2023

Waxwings in the rain

 Over the past few days we have had a good number of Waxwing arrive in Shetland. Very spread out but the main concentration in Lerwick and Scalloway

I caught up with a flock of 28 at East Voe in Scalloway, just as it started to rain.
The rain droplets added interest and as usual the Waxwings were very approachable.

The crests look odd with the main making them spike

Only another 6 people watching with many visiting birders having left