Friday 30 September 2022

Shetland Surf Scoter

Its been a long time since i have seen a Male Surf Scoter having missed out on the Maywick bird a couple of years ago

This one turned up at Gulberwick and i arrived on site within 20 mins of the notification
Glad I did as the bird drifted out to the middle of the bay soon after
It is a striking bird and comes from North America, a rare bird over this side of the pond

I visited the site the following two days and although reported by others i could not locate it, but later found out that it was very distant and only viewable through a scope

The bird drifting out to the middle of the bay

Groups of birds soon descended on site quickly


Thursday 29 September 2022

Shetland Little Bunting

Had this Little Bunting near Maywick all to myself

First saw it on a track with several Meadow Pipit

Stayed distant at first

A large Sparrowhawk flew over and all the birds disappeared into a hedge
Luckly this hedge was a lot closer and about 10 mins later it suddenly appeared on a  fence

These are the best photos I have taken since we have been here, several others have been against the light or very dull conditions

It eventually came within about 6m and didn't seem bothered about being photographed


Friday 23 September 2022

Shetland Surf Scoter

 It was good to see another Surf Scoter, it's been several years since the last one. I missed out with the Maywick bird last year

I arrived on site at Gulberwick bay 10 mins after the message was sent out

I was only talking to Robert Cookson and his wife about the lack of migrants when this came in
Before this I had spent about an hour watching Risso and White beaked Dolphins near Mousa in warm sunny weather

A few birders had already gathered on the beach but i went to a higher vantage point and for a time the Scoter came into the bay before turning back and heading east

There is no mistaking this North American duck, brought in on westerly winds

It will be interesting to see what is blown in, Sunday and Monday when we are expecting winds around 60mph