Thursday 13 June 2019

Common Crane drop in

An early morning start failed to produce the Red Backed Shrike that arrived at Boddam the night before.

However the two cranes decided to stay around Hillwell, viewed from a distance. Having had good views they suddenly took off when a tour group decided to get out of the mini bus far too close to the cranes.

They headed north towards Spiggie but despite a search I couldn't relocate them but apparently they returned to Hillwell late in the day. This is normally a good spot to find Cranes, one stayed throughout last summer

These two birds are the ones that have been up in Unst for the past few days.

The Marsh Harrier, again another late arrival last night had gone from Spiggie, this is normal for migrants at this time of year.

Several Swallow took a liking to a newly cut field and perched on a nearly fence post. They were also landing on the grass and feeding.

A few Whooper Swan remain and a pair of Mute swan have nested at Spiggie although I couldn't see any young.

Lots of Oystercatcher, Lapwing and Curlew could be seen along the western side with a few Greylag.

Meadow Pipit , Wheatear and Skylark flittered among the grass.

Other migrants these last few days have included several Hobby, Sandwick Tern, Cuckoo, Reed & Marsh Warbler, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Grebe and a Pinkfoot. A Dead Scops owl was picked up in Bressay

 Common Seal

Saturday 8 June 2019

Pairing up

A Grasshopper warbler has now been singing for the past two weeks, trying to attract a mate but with no other Grasshopper warblers recorded it will be difficult

With lots of rare birds recorded over the past few weeks it will be interesting if any do pair up
A Male and female Eastern Sub- Alpine Warbler have paired up on Skerries with the male in song

Always lots of nesting Oystercatcher in Shetland, very noisy as they pass over

Turnstone now in full breeding plumage, many more now summer in Shetland

Arctic Tern numbers are not as high as last year, but the ones that have returned are displaying

Eiders are gathering in several parts of the south mainland and disputes are frequent