Saturday 30 November 2019


Redwings have been arriving for a couple of months now with a couple of sightings in September 

By mid October many 100's arrived on a foggy day, falling out of the air with other thrushes

This particular one didn't seemed bothered about my close approach and started to preen

Even today we have a dozen or so feeding in a sheep field, there short hop and listen an easy indication of there Identification

A couple of nights ago several passed overhead calling, perhaps indicating another fall

Getting a bit quiet now for migrants although a few Turtle Doves, Hen Harrier, Desert Wheatear (sadly killed by a Merlin) and the odd Waxwing knocking about

Sunday 24 November 2019

Snow Bunting

Its always good to see Snow Buntings and so far this winter i have seen a few flocks

This flock of 7 birds stayed around the pool at Grutness for a good couple of hours with a couple  birds feeding close to the road

In the afternoon, the light picked up the warm colours on the feathers. 

This may have been the same flock that frequented Grutness beach the week before

These birds allowed a close approach and i was able to photograph them for 20 mins before flying off further up the coast

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Sib Chiffchaff

I missed out on the Siberian Stonechat down at Sandsayre, it was very mobile and was eventually found a good 1/4 mile along the cliffs.

Siberian Chiffchaff

I did come across this Siberian Chiffchaff up at Sumburgh Quarry, one of several in Shetland recently. Still a few common Chiffchaff around as well.

A few Mealy Redpoll have also arrived, again this one was up at the Quarry feeding with a flock of Twite, including a part white headed Twite.

Mealy Redpoll

This Redpoll was very confiding and I had to back off as it came too close to focus.

Still a few Song Thrush among the numerous Redwing in the south mainland. Several Waxwing have also arrived adding a bit of colour. Also a good number of Siskin and Brambling seen.

Pallas's Warbler was still at Hoswick & Burra this weekend but the lighting was poor so gave it a miss having had good views of one last year.