Sunday 20 November 2022

Shetland Otter family

I was down at the beach photographing waves in gale force conditions when i heard otters calling close by
a few seconds later i saw one, two, three then four otters heading for the foaming sea
a mother with three young cubs that headed straight into high waves
it wasn't long before the young started to play with seaweed even though the mother called them over
I only had a 200mm lens but they didn't seem bothered and continued to go about their business

It was still play time and the mother c]kept coming back and calling for them to follow
It is good to have these back locally, i have seen them several times recently and they are always good to see. This is the first time I have seen four otters together, plenty of threes but no fours

The young finally followed the female and moved towards the jetty

The sea was still rough and foamy but they headed through without any problems

It was tricky for the young to climb up onto the jetty but had to wait until a wave came in and the mother dragged them in

 They all moved off, so happy to see them

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Scalloway King Eider


Although i have seen just over a dozen King Eider i have never seen one close enough to get a reasonable photo

Arriving at Scalloway I quickly picked up the King Eider with a small flock of common eider over the far side of the voe.

It was far too distant for a good photo but an incoming boat moved the flock closer just as it started to rain

It was already windy around a Force 5 + but the flock moved closer the fishmarket

We moved over to the other side of Scalloway and along the pier.

They continued to come a bit closer just as the wind and rain picked up

The King Eider was often separated from the common eider but eventually joined the flock again