Saturday 30 September 2023

Shetland Cattle Egret

A Cattle Egret appeared in the south Mainland on the 28 September

This is the 6th ever record for Shetland. They first started breeding in Somerset in 2008 and now there many be around 10 pairs breeding in UK. They tend to breed when we get an influx from Europe.
They eat insects, worms, reptiles and frogs- the later two not common in Shetland

This bird spent time at Sumburgh farm where i photographed it and up to Spiggie in the north.


Tuesday 26 September 2023

Shetland swallow

Swallows seem to have had a good breeding season. Down at Sumburgh there must have been 40 odd with lots of young

This morning we have more than 20 over the field while in Lerwick i managed to see 6. While some of these will be migrants  a lot will be local birds


Sunday 24 September 2023

shetland wryneck

 Just coming back from a quiet Quendale when i saw a bird on the road near the  cattle grid at Hillwell

as i got closer i could make out it was a Wryneck
It jumped onto the lower bar of the gate then into the field but didn't fly
I had the camera on the passenger seat so it opened the window and managed to get a few photos before a car came passed and it flew up onto the wall then headed south over a field towards the mill

It was not seen by anyone else, so it goes to show you have to be in the right place at the right time.
Yesterday at the same spot  a Pallid and hen Harrier passed by heading south, missed by most people

We are now starting to get invaded by birders from the south, some expecting around 500 people

Just hope they dont cause as many problems as last year

Looking forward to  more good migrants, down south there has been several American warblers but no so far here.