Saturday 31 July 2021

Black Headed Gulls feeding on insects

Its normal at this time of year to see Black Headed Gulls to feed off insects beside the road
These fed beside the road down at Grutness

There has been an abundance of little black flies, especially around Sumburgh where thousands have invaded houses

The Gulls often landed on the vegetation to capture the insects

Black Headed gulls also feed on earthworms , Aquatic invertebrates, berries and fish

Gt BB always a cause for concern for most birds and sometime they combine to drive the bird off


Friday 23 July 2021

Shetland Guillemot

Guillemot seem to have a few young at the moment but alot will have left the breeding ledges, these young ones are called jumplings
Basically the young throw themselves off the cliff tops, responding to the calls of the adult birds on the sea
Good to see them swimming underwater, the small wings make great paddles


Monday 19 July 2021

Shetland Gannet

 One of the few seabirds that have been increasing in recent years

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