Saturday, 12 June 2021

Red Rumped Swallows in Shetland

It was great to cacth up with Red Rumped Swallows yesterday, not one but two
This was at Vidlin in the north mainland, close to a small plantation and well vegetated gardens

I walk up the road and there they were, both sat on a fence and not bothered about a close approach

 These are my first for Britain but i have seen them in the south of France and in Spain
This is where they came from and spent two days at Vidlin before moving to Brae for another day
At Vidlin they were joined by a Swift (Scarce in Shetland) House Martin(2) and Common (Barn) Swallows (2)
The RR Swallows were quick movers and difficult to photograph in flight on a dull day

They mostly flew over the plantation , where i also saw Common Crossbill and two Siskin

They came down to land twice, landing close together on the second occasion.
I was surprised that they allowed an slow approach to about 20 feet, the dark area around the beak on this one are ticks,  which should eventually drop off

They are beautiful birds and well worth the wait

Not quiet a Red Rump more Orange

A dull day brightened by these birds.

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