Friday 29 April 2022

Long Tailed Duck

 always good to see some Long Tailed Ducks, this one down at Grutness. The 100 or so birds at West Voe seem to have left and may have moved north to gather at Bluemull sound before heading north to their breeding grounds

I prefer them in winter plumage as they look a lot smarter , soon they will be in browner plumage to blend in with their nesting surroundings

Thursday 28 April 2022

Quendale Shetland signs of spring

Although the weather has been cool and winds coming from the north, a few migrants have started to appear.

Wheatears all the way from Africa brightens any day and there was 4-5 above the dam, mostly along the walls

Four Twite had a quick bath in the stream before flying up to the wall to dry out
Lots of Starling activity, this female( Pink base to beak) looks very smart


Four Blackcap , three males and a female  spent all the time around the mill

A pair of Linnet put in an appearance, not a common bird but most on the other side of Quendale bay

 In addition to these birds, two Swallows , two Gt Skua, Raven (25) Rock Dove (100+) Oystercatcher (238) Curlew (12) Blackbird (18) and plenty of House Sparrow

Thursday 21 April 2022

Early migrants to Shetland

Pink foot one of 4 at the Wart in Sandwick

Lots of Chiff- chaff around this in the garden

nicely marked Blackbird at Quendale

Lots of Meadow Pipit at Quendale

more chiffchaff at Geosetter, one of three

good to have a Robin singing in the garden

First ever Goldfinches in Shetland, with two in the garden and one singing along with a Willow Warbler