Friday 24 April 2020

Down on a Shetland Beach

With this lock down its been difficult to get around so my walk takes me around Sandwick. it's a pity because there has been a Little Bunting at Toab, Common Cranes (4) at Hillwell and White Billed Diver(3) in Yell and Unst.

We have two beaches, both very different, one with lots seaweed and rocks while the other on the south side at Sanick has a sandy beach.

There are lots of textures to look for, using a Macro 105mm lens reveals lots of interesting items. Seaweed or shapes in the sand look good with the sun at a low angle

                                                               Seaweed top and bottom

      Ripples in the sand



Some interesting ripples coming down onto the beach from a small burn

Seaweed looking like paper

Tree Rings on driftwood