Thursday 28 March 2024

Shetland Sanderlings

Sanderlings are always interesting to watch, this week we have had around 18 down at Grutness

It is always funny to see them running up and down away from the waves, there little legs like clockwork.

If you stay still and quiet they come very close and it reveals the lovely detail in there plumage. We might have this flock for a good few weeks yet so it will be good to see the plumage change


Friday 22 March 2024

Shetland- Spring migration starts


Redshanks are with us all year round and are very vocal, which is not great if you are trying to photograph birds nearby, they generally scare them off

There has been a massive fall of Blackbirds this last few days. Down at Grutness (23) , Sandwick (22) and Levenwick (63), most are males

Long Tailed Ducks are still around in good numbers but will soon be heading north to there breeding grounds. One of my favourite ducks
A flock of 28 Turnstone at Grutness, another 44 at West Voe and 12 at Sandsayre

Three Pied Wagtail new in at Grutness, and another black & White bird - a magpie at Wester Quarff this morning, in good condition. The other two , one on Whalsay and at Melby still present- is this the start of an invasion 😁😁. This is a very rare bird in Shetland

Sunday 10 March 2024

Shetland colour

Plenty of colour around at Grutness yesterday

At least 3 Robins which were new in, these are migratory birds as we only have around 10 breeding pairs
                     Sad to see these colourful pieces of plastic `growing' out of the sand at Grutness

           2-3 Stonechats arrived at Grutness, lots around may be 12-14 birds at various locations


Saturday 2 March 2024

Shetland Waders

Always good to see a flock of waders a good place has been at Grutness

A flock of 18 Purple Sandpiper, 22 Turnstone, 37 Oystercatcher, 54 Ringed Plover, and 6 Redshank