Sunday 26 November 2023

Shetland- local Otter encounter

Always good to see our local otters, this one is a bit worse for ware having been in a battle

Has not put her off in anyway and caught two large fish while i watched her

Otters have recolonised a few places where previously they were depleted due to car accidents


Monday 20 November 2023

Shetland northern treecreeper

Having seen this Northern Treecreeper a few times at Helendale in Lerwick it was good to get some photos in the sun. 

It seem to favour a tree next to the entrance to the house but was very mobile 
manage to capture a few flight shots  which came out pretty well, despite an iso of 10,000
Like the woodpecker it was finding a lot of food
The northern Treecreepers are much light coloured than those down on the mainland

Saturday 18 November 2023

Northern Bullfinch

There has been an influx of Northern Bullfinches this autumn and many staying in pairs
These Bullfinches are about 15% bigger than those down southg and lighter in colour

These are at Helendale and is a good spot as it has a mixure of trees and bushes with planty of seedheads which provide the food.

These has been a Sparrowhawk and i am glad these haven't become food items