Sunday 21 January 2024

Shetland- Turnstones


Winter in Shetland is the best place to see Turnstones at close quarters, especially at the south end

Today on Grutness and West Voe beaches there must have been close to 100 birds feeding along the tideline

They are very confiding birds and they can even be found at Tesco

Saturday 13 January 2024

Sandwick waders

This is a forgotten post from a few months ago

Still lots of Curlew around

Lapwings still holding there own
A few Ruff arrived


Curlew in the rain

Friday 5 January 2024

Shetland Sandwick birds

Ravens seem to be more confined to the western side of Shetland when we first start to come to Shetland back in  the late 1980's but now they are wide spread.
Around Quendale, which seems to be the strong hold, in winter you can see flocks of 100 birds and these seem to breed high up on the moors
They have been responsible for attacking lambs so the farmers are not keen on them

Snipe are always difficult to see and photograph and often they fly off before you can get onto them

Redshank numbers are high in Sandwick during winter with flocks of 100 possible especially around the Wart

Around 300-400 Golden Plover are often found around the Wart along with other waders and if you can find a spot to sit and wait in your car they slowly approach. Hopefully the Redshanks are not near by as they are a nervous bird. Sometime an American Golden Plover can be found in this flock

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