Thursday, 10 June 2021



Its four years since i last walked on Fetlar and on this occasion only one other car joined me on the ferry
On the island five more visiting car/mini buses we seen with a  couple calling in at the excellent Fetlar Interpretive centre

Arctic Skua

Meet Bobby Tullock a few times on Fetlar, this occasion with Bill Oddie back in the  late 1980's

Bobby was the one who found breeding Snowy Owl in Fetlar

Light Phase Arctic Skua are always nice to see

Light Phase Arctic Skua, seem to be doing well this year

Arctic Skua
Red Throated Diver

Fetlar Ferry

Red Breasted Merganser

Hoddie Crow

Oystercatcher in good numbers

Breeding Greylag first recorded in 1985 on Unst

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