Friday 10 February 2023

Shetland Iceland gulls

February is always the best month to see white winged gulls in Shetland

This week at least 20 Iceland gulls present with 5 or 6 Glaucous

At least 12 Iceland gulls in Lerwick Harbour, also down at Grutness, Hillwell, Yell and in Unst

The light was not good but at least it wasn't too windy

Throwing some bread attracted all the gulls from the roof of the fish processing factory.

Never got any of the adult bird but the 1-3 year birds put on a good display


Wednesday 8 February 2023

Shetland Tundra Bean Geese


We have had about 6 long stay Tundra Bean Geese in Shetland. These have been at Ringsta, Sandwick, Lerwick, Quendale

They have joined flocks of Greylag and a few Pinkfeet.

They are smaller than Greylags and usually stay slightly separate from the Greylag flock


The colour and face pattern is easily recognisable

These geese breed in Northern Siberia