Thursday 31 August 2023

Shetland Greenish Warbler -part 2

This lovely Greenish Warbler was present in Sumburgh quarry for a few days giving good views on and off

It spent most of its time high up on the cliff face or grass. But on this occasion flew in and landed in some vegetation near the pit

If you hadn't seen it fly in you could have easily walked passed and missed it
This species breeds in the far NE of Europe and Russia and winters in India. A few have started to breed in Germany


Wednesday 30 August 2023

Shetland Greenish warbler Sumburgh Quarry


This Greenish warbler at Sumburgh quarry was the second bird i had seen in a week
A different bird, due to the markings. Have searched the quarry it didn't appear to be there.
Then out of nowhere it appeared on the fence high up. A couple of other birders said they had seen it on the top of the Quarry yesterday

I managed to get round from the other side of the quarry where i had been photographing the Barred Warbler to find it still feeding

There might have been six or seven Greenish Warblers in Shetland at the time. Hope this lasts, would be good ton have an extended migration period

Monday 28 August 2023

Shetland Barred Warbler

I have seen Barred Warblers for the past 5 years and only manage to photograph one

So i was happy that one turned up at Sumburgh quarry last Thursday and it is still present today

It seem to like the warmth of the types down the first channel, coming out occasionally although a bit nervous at first

Barred Warbler as not very colourful but they are big.

August is a good month to find one and a few have tuned up around Shetland


Friday 25 August 2023

Shetlands W`'s

Lots of Greenland Wheatear passing through Shetland, some moulting now

                                         A young Shetland Wren, lots around and very vocal