Thursday, 12 July 2012

I have just been invited to give another two illustrated talks on Shetland

16 8 12 - History of Shetland - Crosspool Probus, Sheffield
 5 3 13  - Puffin around Shetland - Oddfellow Group Eastwood, Nottingham

Two photos which provide alot of comments

The top one, Westside Shop was on Unst and photographed in the late 1980's I think. It's great that most shops in the sticks sell almost anything (look in the right hand window). Sadly this shop is long gone and has now been converted to a house.

The second, is a bus shelter at Baltasound on Unst, This is amazing as it wouldn't last two seconds in any other area in the UK. Each year the bus shelter's image is changed by the people living in the house next door, inside a TV, computer, pictures, plants and a settee. We always look forward to seeing what is next. It even has its own website at

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