Saturday, 25 August 2018

Hooded Merganser - Shetland

News of a female Hooded Merganser came in on 15 August at Pullers Lock in Lerwick. This is a small loch at the end of Sea road

This duck comes from North America as is a rare vagrant , although not as showy as a male it is still a delight to see. Its much smaller than I expected and showed a nice tawny crest. It wasn't ringed as these birds are also kept in captivity, so could it be wild?

Virtually at the same time a White Rumped Sandpiper , another are UK vagrant from North America turned up at Virkie down in the south mainland also another in England, so it might have good credentials. Also turning up within a few days of this bird was a Lesser Scaup, Blue Winged Teal and a Ferruginous duck , American Golden Plover and a Buff breasted Sandpiper all from America.

It did keep flying off the first day, also seen on Clickimin Loch before finally settling down on Pullers.

It kept to a regular circuit as most birds do and was catching small fish on a regular basis.

The duck yesterday moved to the north end of Clickimin Loch, mixing with Tufted Duck

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