Thursday 1 June 2017

Gt Northern Diver Close encounters

On my last blog i discussed a close encounter with a male Scaup, while photographing this duck a superb Gt Northern Diver surfaced very close by

                                This is one of my favourite birds either in winter or summer plumage.

On one occasion it surfaced with a small crab, but this caused so many problems. The crab was very lively and just didn't want to be swallowed.

As the diver shook its head to get a better position on the crab it flew out of its beak much to the divers disgust

It quickly got hold of it before finishing it off.

Although I have seen many Gt Northern Divers the last very close encounter was in East Voe Scalloway a few years ago. This encounter was made even better with the great weather. Gt Northern Divers can be seen around the coast any time of the year. West Voe at Sumburgh is a place where large numbers gather before heading to their northern breeding grounds.

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