Wednesday 5 January 2022

Shetland Ring- Necked Duck

 A male Ring- Necked Duck has been present on Tingwall loch since 26 October 2021. I have been several times and it has always been with a group of Tufted duck over the far side of the lock

I then went over on Tuesday afternoon, but the weather was bad, very dark and frequent rain showers but the Ring- Necked duck came quite close.

I too a lot of photos at a massive ISO20000 but at this setting came out very noisy, it was more or less dark as well being 3.50pm

Today i went again in better weather, although it was a strong wind and snow showers. The bird again drifted out towards the other side of the loch before slowly making it way to the middle of the loch. At least the light was a lot better

Ring Necked Ducks are all the way from North America.

Although they look like a Tufted duck at a distance they are easily identified as having a grey flank and a white wedge near the shoulder, its grey beak has a black tip and a white band. 

They always seem to associate with other diving duck such as Scaup, Tufted and even Scoter

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