Friday 7 January 2022

Grey Phalarope reappears

After the last few days of gales the weather seemed to have calmed, although during the morning there was frequent showers

News came in that the Grey Phalarope had been seen again off the beach at Ireland near Bigton on the west side

It went missing yesterday and the day before had been seen down at St Ninian's to the south

Only one person present when i arrived but was soon joined by Jim Nicholson

The bird had only shown briefly over to the south side of the beach but large incoming waves made viewing very difficult

I saw the bird close in coming my way so waved the others over. It fed well jumping the big waves

After a few minutes it flew out and south again. I manage to pick it up way out close to three mallard

The weather had now turned rough with frequent showers, some snow and freezing temperatures, must have been 15 with the chill factor

It is amazing that the bird is here in Shetland, at this time of year it should be wintering off the coast of Africa

I headed back into Sandwick to find the roads covered by snow , but only at the north end.

Down in the marshy area, Lapwing (35) Redshank (12) Curlew  (6) Turnstone (46) Fieldfare (12) and an Iceland Gull at the Wart. Around 200 Greylag also fed in the fields

A Glossy Ibis has been seen down at Quendale but it is very elusive spending most if its time along the burn which cannot be seen from the road. This follows 3 more in Unst , all of which died. They may have been from the Orkney birds where 11 could be seen. Also in Unst the King Eider reappeared and the Ring Necked Duck is still at Tingwall


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