Sunday, 29 August 2021

American Golden Plover

Migration is underway in Shetland, with the Black winged Pratincole still on Fetlar. Last night about 7pm a flock of at least 50 Swallows arrived over the field infront of the house and spent a few mins hawking for insects before disappearing south, this is the biggest flock i have seen in Shetland.

The odd Willow Warbler and Wood Warbler have been seen but a report came in of an American Golden Plover , a bird i haven't seen before. Luckly it was only two mins away at the west side of Setter in Sandwick.

I scanned the fields and found a small flock of 20 or so of Golden Plover and up popped the American Golden Plover easily recognised by its darker plumage.

Even through an 800mm lens and cropped it was still small but still recognisable.

I have missed out on a few AGP in Sandwick, always a good spot for Golden Plover especially in winter when they spend most of the time around the Wart in Sandwick

Down on the beach  at Sandsayre Turnstone (12) Sanerling (5) Redshank (4) and Ringed Plover (4) while a couple of Red Throated Divers could be seen out on the sea.

September is always a good month for migration and i am looking forward to some good experiences

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