Monday 12 April 2021

waders getting colour

Purple Sandpipers are one of my favourite waders, we often seen them searching for food among rocks but in the south mainland they join other  waders along the ebbtide

You can see it wont be long until they gain full breeding plumage

Most leave shetland at the end of the month with just the odd non breeder left and usually tis is on Unst

They are a very smart looking bird
Turnstones are also getting into Summer Plumage and have nice orange colour
I have seen them in Shetland most months and you can often find small flocks during the summer especially on Fetlar, Unst and Whalsay

Its good to get a comparison in size

 Elsewhere large flocks of Meadow Pipit and Skylark have arrived with many starting to sing. The Black Throated Diver remains down at Quendale but far off shore and the American Wigeon has now moved to the NE Corner of Spiggie. I ventured down today but the wigeon flock was very distant making it impossible to find the AM wigeon in the flock of 100.

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