Tuesday 22 December 2020

Interesting Shetland visitors

Shetland has been very quiet bird wise, only a few migrants around. The other day i did see a couple of Siberian Chiffchaff and a Blue tit down at Swinster

Whooper Swan numbers have now dropped as most have moved south, more by instinct rather than the weather which has been very mild with only a few gales

Whooper Swans

Oystercatcher with winter collar

Bobby Tullock & Bill Oddie
David Bellamy

These famous naturalists have promoted Shetland wildlife in the past. Bobby Tullock lived on Yell and was most remembered for discovering breeding Snowy Owls on Fetlar. We had a lucky trip in the late 1980's when we saw one of the last offspring at the back of the school in Fetlar.

Bill Oddie always liked to come up to Shetland and promoted Shetland after the Braer oil disaster , we meet him a few times, the one with Bobby Tullock on the island of Noss.

David Bellamy was up in Shetland promoting Conservation work, we met him at the Aith Lifeboat gala.

Happy Christmas to all my readers, back soon with more Shetland Blogs

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