Monday, 12 October 2020

Shetland Gt White Egret

At present there are two Gt White Egrets in Shetland, one at Voe and this one at Spiggie in the south mainland

According to the latest bird report (2018) these are rare vagrants from Southern Europe although they have bred in Hampshire and are starting to become regulars in England

The report indicates that there has only been 14 records  from Shetland , both have been present for over a week

I have seen the Spiggie Egret several times before but all have been distant views, including when i first saw the bird over at Hillwell

This time it was sitting close to the edge of the loch near the north end, normally seen at the south end

It allowed a reasonably close approach before taking off and heading back to the south end
At Quendale a good number of Redwing arrived as well as Swallow(2) Blackcap (3) Goldcrest(4) Robin(5) Chiffchaff(2) and two chaffinch

No Sign of the Yellowhammer (2) that had been reported from the dam a hour or so before. A large number of Greylag passed over and at least 50 Raven were seen.

We have had more migrants in the garden this year than the previous 6 years. It may be down to having a few bushes which are now getting established. Also neighbours have cut the grass as well so another habitat . This Autumn we have had - Chiffchaff, Willow warbler, Pied Flycatcher, Redstart, Goldcrest, Swallow, Song Thrush, Robin, Blackcap and this Redwing

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