Friday, 9 October 2020

Red Breasted Flycatcher at Boddam, Shetland

 The wind direction had changed today but still we got some very interesting migrants in Shetland.

Much has been said about the behaviour of this years birders but i haven't seen anything but good things. What with blocked roads with cars abandoned, speeding and dangerous driving, not social distancing and walking on crops they can make it difficult for local birders when they leave.

I headed down to Levenwick  hoping to see the Bluethroat but it wasn't playing ball, only showed for a few seconds in over 1.5 hours but it did pull in a lot of birders.

I only stopped for a short time and then made my way down to Boddam about 5 mins away. A Red Breasted Flycatcher had arrived and apparently was quiet showy.

With only another two birders present we search over the area turning up Blackcap(4) Wheatear, Robin (6) Chiff Chaff and eventually a Hawfinch (the latter flying into a garden and not reappearing.

We did find the RBF which was down in the lower gardens. We flushed it a couple of times so when the others left i made my way down to the Croft House museum and approaching from the south to its favoured feeding spot.

After about 5 mins it appeared on the lower fence before moving up to the bushes where plenty of flies and bees fed.

It was very lively chasing the insects but did come onto the wall close by a couple of times

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