Sunday, 21 June 2020

Shetland Breeding Birds

Just finished my Breeding bird survey for this year, same two squares covered again 

I have now been doing this survey for the past 6 seasons and its always interesting to compare years
This year has seen an increase in Skylark numbers, plot 1 up by 2 pairs while plot 2 by 1 pair, going against the uk trend which has seen a massive decline. meadow pipit have showed a steady increase since the survey started, plot 1 at 9 pairs and Plot 2 at 7 pairs

Shetland is well know for waders and although Plot 1 saw some large drainage ditches dug out in the breeding season there has been some effects
Plot 1 has no Lapwing but Plot 2 has seen a drop from 3-2 pairs. Curlew are steady on both plots as re Redshank with one pair.

Oystercatcher have seen the biggest increase, plot 1has continue to show an increase. With 2 pairs in 2015 this year there was 6 pairs while plot 2 continued with one pair.

Snipe numbers are just one pair in each plot.

Wren, Blackbird and Wheatear numbers remain steady but Twite have decreased. Collared Dove are new at Plot 2.

Although migrants are not counted in the survey, plot 2 has had a number of interesting birds this year with Red Backed Shrike, Golden Oriole, Black redstart, Grasshopper warbler, Willow Warbler, Grey Wagtail

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