Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Starling showing Leucism

Good to have the sun out although it was a bit windy. Twite around in small flocks, the one below at Sumburgh

a gathering of Shag also at Sumburgh

I was surprised to find this Meadow Pipit still feeding young at Quendale, shows what a good season its been for most birds

Flocks of Meadow Pipit also forming with a flock of 30 at Grutness

Good numbers of the bigger and more colourful Northern Wheatear in the south Mainland

This Bar Headed goose arrived at Sandwick and stayed a couple of days in the company of Graylags. Bar Headed Geese are now breeding in the UK (less than 15 pairs). Most are escapes although this one wasn't ringed

Turnstones at Sandwick adults and juveniles this group was quiet confiding

For at least 3-4 years this starling showing a form of  leucism  has been present in Sandwick. Normally it flies off but for once it stayed reasonably close

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