Wednesday 24 April 2024

Rare Blue Winged Teal- Shetland

 It was good to hear that a male Blue Winged Teal had turned up at Scatness in the south mainland

after about 1/2 hour it disappeared but turned up again about an hour later. When i arrived there was 10 birders (all locals) and found the bird had moved onto the sea but with the sun direct ahead it was difficult getting a good view
With a few minutes in flew onto the loch and joined six Tufted then it swam to the bank where two Wigeon were feeding.
It quickly moved inland and started feeding, joined by a female teal (common). Although distant it was very distinctive.

This North American bird joins another teal, a Green Winged Teal which has been at Spiggie for several days
One of the other birds said it might be 30 years since the last one

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