Friday 11 August 2017


Otters are one of my favourite mammals and are fairly common around Shetland. Once you get your eye in they are reasonably easy to spot.

Shetland has one of the highest density of otters in Europe with around 1500 around the coastline.

Surprisingly the best and easiest place to see them is at the inter island ferry terminals. They don't seem to both about people being as close as 20 feet away providing you don't move suddenly or make a loud noise.

I remember a few years ago while waiting for the ferry, i had just got out of the car when two Otters ran down the pier towards us passing three cars, they stopped about 6 feet away before disappearing over the edge and back in the sea.

The best time to look is two hours either side of high tide when they like to find food, often i have seen them at a distance diving before they eventually swim to shore.

Just another reason to come to Shetland

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