Sunday 24 March 2013

Shetland faces

Shetland appeals to a wide variety of people, but most are interested in wildlife and the environment. Over the years we have met some of  the  most famous people of Shetland.(or so we think !!)

Many years ago David Bellamy visited Shetland and we met him at the Aith Lifeboat gala, it was at the same time that the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior was in Lerwick . David is well remembered for his enthusiastic TV programme's on his Botanical exploits, but perhaps more so when he claimed that man made Global warming doesn't exist.
                                                      David Bellamy(old Slide)

We have met Bill Oddie several time and he is very enthusiastic about Shetland. Having read all his books you can see why, he spent a lot of time on the Out Skerries, but  the first time we met him was at Geosetter. I was sat in the car with my wife Diane, when I could see this man walking towards us and I said that's 'Bill Oddie'. When he got closer we could see him clearly and he spent a good 1/2 hour talking about the birds and other wildlife in the area including a Corncrake in a near by village . I suppose that he could at least get away from people up here so some quite time. Later he was back up when the Braer sank in 1993 in force 11 gales, trying to encourage people to come to Shetland on holiday and he was down at the Sumburgh hotel a number of times when we went in for a meal.
                                       Bill Oddie and Bobby Tullock on Noss (old slide)

As for Bobby Tullock, he was Mr Shetland wildlife. Having been born on Yell he grew up with a great appreciation for the wildlife in his native islands. Working for the RSPB for a number of years then starting a tour company in which he introduced a large number of people to Shetland. He is also famous for discovering breeding Snowy Owls on Fetlar in 1967 and arranging their protection.

Mr Lifeboat man is generally only seen at the Lifeboat galas in Aith (West side) and Lerwick (East side), other times you may spot him in his lifeboat with other members of the team as they are very active throughout the year. Shetland could not do without them, keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!

                                                                 Mr Lifeboat man

The photo below, taken many years ago in Yell may well be a Trowie. These are famous Shetland folklore small troll like fairy creatures who are very mischievous . Although generally seen at night, this one may just be coming home late from a party.
                                                            A possible Trowie !

In a thousand year from now, archaeologists may well be asking whether Darth Vader (Star Wars) actually visited Shetland. This realistic carving can be seen down near Sumburgh head.

                                                                   Darth Vader ?

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