Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Finally the winds turned to the east encouraging migrants to start dropping into Shetland. This time it was the turn of the south mainland to receive some good birds

In Sandwick two Common Rosefinch settled in for a two day stay down at Sandsayre. As i was photographing the birds news came in that a Paddyfield warbler had dropped in just a few miles north down in Cunningsburgh. It was around a 3 mile walk to the headland and back and since i saw the Noss bird the other year i decided not to go.

Later news came back that it was in fact a Sedge warbler so i am glad i didn't go across. Its always difficult to identify warblers even though there may not be much vegetation in Shetland for the birds to hide, its not surprising that they go down into ditches and only give a brief glimpse in flight.

Anyway these two Rosefinch were very confiding, just a pity the weather was poor, very dull and windy result in ISO 2000 being used so not ideal for a quality photo

Another interesting find in Sandwick was this possible Siberian Oystercatcher (Longipes)

As you can see it has a lighter back and was smaller and thinner than the other Common Oystercatcher on the beach. It should have a big white collar but perhaps this hasn't developed yet as these are normally seen in winter plumage

Another feature is the bill, which should be longer than the normal and have a 50% + nasal grove  We will wait for any further news, if correact this will be the first British record.

Garden warblers are always difficult to see in England and you only know one is about when it sings from dense undergrowth. In Shetland they are out in the open giving great views.

One of three Yellow Browed warblers seen on the day, lots in Shetland at present.

                                                                              Lesser Whitethroat

                                                                                  A Few Goldcrest arrived

                                                              A very dull looking Chaffinch

Should be some more birds arriving this week as easterly winds and very strong winds continue, also heavy rain expected

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