Sunday, 10 September 2017

Better days

A few good migrants have come in during the past few days.

An Arctic Warbler turned up on Saturday at Quendale, one of two in the isles. It proved difficult to photograph with all the leaves on the bushes.

                                                                              Arctic Warbler

It appeared several times but I couldn't get focused quick enough. Eventually I did managed to get a couple of photos, a new bird for me

                                                                                             Arctic Warbler

It also kept flying off to other bushes near the mill but kept coming back to a smaller area of bushes that was until a car finally disturbed it and again it flew off.

Here a Willow Warbler and Swallow(8) mixed in with resident birds

                                                                                        Willow Warbler

A Lesser and Common Whitethroat were found down at Sumburgh hotel with several small flocks of Twite passing over and six Northern Wheatear in the garden.

                                                                            A tatty Whitethroat

                                                                                Lesser Whitethroat

A Wyrneck was saved from a cat in Sandwick and released while a couple of Yellow Browed, Barred & Icterine Warblers were good finds. A Little Tern, rare up here was also found at Grutness

 These could resident Grey & Pied Wagtails which seem to have had a reasonable breeding season

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