Wednesday, 15 October 2014


The week started well with excellent weather so we headed into Scalloway. Just outside Sandwick a Merlin was chasing a Raven, usually its the other way round, this was the third Merlin in a week. The Western Bonelli Warbler was still present but now further up the road and very active. I got several good views but it was impossible to photograph being high up and often in among the branches.

Plenty of common migrants still around with my first Shetland Blue and Gt Tits, also Chaffinch (4), Blackcap, Chiff Chaff (5), Robin (6) Goldcrest (2) Siskin (12) Collard Dove (5), Blackbird (12) Redwing (1) attracted to the wooded gardens.

On Monday we managed to get out in the sun, it was a superb day , still warm and just great for photography. At Sumburgh head only one other person present as i made my way up to the top. Song thrush, Robin and Blackbird found by a wall and then the sound of a whooper swan heading south drew my attention to a large flock of Geese heading my way, these Greylag past overhead calling and continue to head south.

At first only a flock of Twite (18) present around Lighthouse but on rough grass a Snow bunting  and a flock of 12 Brambling put up a good show and provided photo opportunities. A few Robin, Song Thrush and a Redwing kept appearing from the rose bushes.

Later in the week i caught up with the Long eared Owl at Virkie, not the best view but it  had just been flushed by two birdwatcher,  so it was a bit nervous. At Exnaboe a Sparrowhawk was chased off by a Raven and a walk along the road produced the following:

Blackcap (2) Goldcrest (2) Robin (3) Yellow Browed warbler (1) Song Thrush (1) Blackbird (12) Curlew (86)

A short distance away was Spiggie where many birds could be seen using the water, with a flock of 164 wigeon mixed in with Pinkfeet and Greylag at the southern end. At the northern end Whooper (14) and Slavonian Grebes (3) gathered close to the marsh where Teal, Curlew, Redshank and Tufted had settled in for a sleep. At least 8 Goldeneye followed the Whooper swans waiting for any food to be brought to the surface,

A Flock of 86 Lapwing headed south , closely followed by a Golden Plover flock 46 (birds). The last stop was Geosetter where a flock of Blackcap (5M 2F) flew up from a weedy area opposite the willows. Also seen here was a Yellow Browed warbler,  Goldcrest (2) , Robin (3) Wren (2) & Blackbird (2)

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