Thursday, 7 February 2013

Shetland Bird Report

Recently received the 2011 Shetland Bird Report which is excellent as usual. As I  have previously indicated, I support the objection to the 103 wind turbine wind farm in the central mainland of Shetland. The editorial says it wants more support to stop the development before it is too late. This area of moorland supports a good number of declining Whimbrel and other waders as well as Artic Skua (Red listed bird) with a 56% decline from 1987 to 2008. I would urge you all to support the opposition on environmental grounds by writing to the SNP government as soon as possible.

The report also details the Shetland breeding seabirds in 2011. This information has been collected for over 30 years by a large dedicated band of bird watchers. It is well worth purchasing this report, or better still join the Shetland Bird club. Contact Rory Tallock (01595 810268)

A number of people have asked me when I am giving the next illustrated Shetland talk. Here is an up to-date list

7 2 13  RSPB Sheffield - Shetland Birds
22 2 13 Oddfellows Group (Doncaster) - Puffin around Shetland
15 3 13 Oddfellows Group (Nottingham) - Puffin around Shetland
18 3 13 RSPB Grimsby - Shetland Birds
  3 4 13 RSPB Mansfield - Shetland Birds
17 4 13 Sunny Bank Gardening Club - Shetland Flowers
21 5 13 Rotherham Probus - Shetland- the past 25 years

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