Monday, 17 April 2017

Duck anyone

Sunday turned out to be better weather than forecasted, with lots of blue sky, but also cold and windy. As a Green winged Teal had been reported last night at Boddam  we headed down the South Mainland. This may have been the bird seen at Scatness yesterday

No one else about as we parked. The first birds i noticed was a nice pair of Pintail in the middle of the voe with Teal , Mallard and Shelduck also  seen. Redshank (3 pairs) Turnstone (48) and a couple of Snipe fed along the rocky shoreline.

A large number of Starling and a few house sparrow, one collecting nest material seemed busy searching through the mass of seaweed.

A few pairs of Rock Pipit showed close by while a Cormorant and a Shag rested on a large rock with a dozen Fulmar.

This morning a third Lapland bunting turned up at Sumburgh, this time a female. It may have been brought down by the singing male. Also a Pod of Risso dolphin pass the head, looks like the ones seen at Busta Voe yesterday, looking good already for cetaceans.

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