Thursday, 3 November 2016


Waxwings arrived in Shetland about 10 days ago and there are still good numbers around especially in Lerwick

Normally Waxwings will feed on berries such as  Rowan or Pyracantha  but all berry plants are in short supply in Shetland

Many people instead put out apples which seem to attract the waxwings. I have also seen Waxwings take insects

These are the first Waxwings we have seen in Shetland since moving here 2.5 years ago, we even had one in our garden and a few flying over during the past few days

There has been the occasional one in June and July but most are seen in Shetland during October or November and again on their return north from the rest of the UK

Back in Sheffield we saw many including one year when we had about 2500. If the berries were still available they would even stay until late April.

Lerwick seems to have been a good place to see them with around 20 birds around the flower park and other at North Road. These photos were taken down at Hillwell where six birds seem to have made home

Numbers of Waxwings vary each year in Britain with hardly any the last couple of years. It all depends on whether there is a berry failure in Scandinavia

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