Friday, 14 October 2016

More migrants

When the Siberian Accentor turned up at Mossy Hill last week it was a first for Britain and when i went the second day around 30 people viewed the bird. Yesterday around 1000 birders turned up at a car park in Easington, East Yorkshire to view possibly the same bird. Many arrived well before daylight then had to queue to see the Accentor through a fence, each person getting 10 mins.

Although this week has seen a lot of rare migrants arriving in Shetland its good to see common ones as well. Redwing started to appear last weekend in small numbers but by the end of the week small flocks had started to gather with 20- 30 in a couple of south mainland locations

This year has seen a massive number of Yellow Browed Warblers arrive in the UK and Shetland has had it fair share with multiple numbers at Hoswick, Quendale, Sumburgh and many other locations. This was once a very rare warbler but in recent years it has increased dramatically.

                                                                                    Yellow Browed Warbler

 This is one of my favourite warblers and this Autumn alone i have already seen more than 30 birds

 For the last few weeks a good number of Blackcap have arrived in the south mainland, both male and female present. Along with these a few Brambling,Robin, Blue Tit and many Goldcrest

Still in Quendale bay at least 15 Porpoise with a few people seeing pods of Humpback, Killer and Minke Whales

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